Board of Directors

We are proud to announce the members of our Board of Directors are:

Kristina Lynn

Founder and President of Rescue Children Now 


Mirjana Goforth

Vice President

Ms. Goforth is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Premier Care Nurses of America. She has 20 year of experience providing the very best service that her senior clients deserve.

Mirjana’s other passion is the protection of children and prevention of child abuse and trafficking. Mirjana has recently been chosen to serve as the Vice-President on the Board of Rescue Children Now.

She brings with her many years of working with various children’s charities and other humanitarian organizations.

Henry G. Baker

Treasurer and Secretary
Co-Founder and CEO of the Coalition for Children and Families (CCF.NGO)

Mr. Baker is a financial professional and educator. Mr. Baker suffers from child abduction and is a serial social change entrepreneur. He also spearheads many initiatives to include and educate lower income households regarding financial strategies and retirement.  Mr. Baker sits on boards of multiple organizations dealing with the crisis of Trafficking, Abduction and Social Imbalance. Mr. Baker is the Co-Founder and President of the We Care Forever Foundation (WECAREFOREVER.ORG) an innovative social venture capital foundation.